Foresight Sports

GC2 Launch Monitor

$6,500 USD

The original game changer

Practice or play in any environment with the industry's all-time best selling launch monitor, the GC2. With quick and easy setup, verifiable accuracy, all-in-one simplicity, and indoor-to-outdoor flexibility, the GC2 delivers a level of accuracy and precision that only Foresight Sports solutions can.

What ball data the GC2 measures:
  • Ball speed
  • Horizontal & vertical launch angles
  • Spin
  • Side spin
  • Carry distance
Each New GC2 comes with:
  • 1-year warranty
  • Power cord & cable
  • USB cable
GC2 Specifications:
Technology: Stereoscopic high-speed camera system
Dimensions: 5.5"(w) x 10"(d) x 3"(h)
Weight: 3.8lbs / 1.7kg
Battery: NiMH rechargeable 
Data Interface: Bluetooth / USB
Compatibility: Android, iOS 

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