The Tuxedo Club


With its old-growth trees and classic design, the Tuxedo Club lives up to its auspicious name with 18 holes of rolling fairways, often bordering the scenic namesake lake that was once a renowned hatchery for salmon, bass, and trout. A must-play course for anyone nostalgic for the greens of yesterday.

Now available for FSX Play:

  • This course is available for both FSX 2020 and FSX Play. Upon purchase, you will be able to download both course versions. *FSX Play Software is sold separately
  • If you already own this course for FSX 2020, you can download the FSX Play version here.

Operating requirements:

  • GC2, GC3, GCQuad, GCHawk, or Falcon launch monitors
  • FSX 2020 Game Software or FSX Play Game Software
  • PC operating Windows 10 or higher

    Purchasing & Download Details:
    After purchase, this course will be immediately available for download and installation. Please note that a licensing code is required for activation, and will be provided via email shortly after purchase.

    Note:  all sales are final

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